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Mysterious Gray Hair Appears Out Of No Where
The last time I shaved, I didn't have but one or two gray hairs in my goatee and mustache, just a little salt with the pepper. But as it grew back I was amazed by the amount of gray hair that appeared. Many things can cause gray hair, old age, stress, smoking, even Hydrogen Peroxide...
Call To Doodie
What's the best part of being a Grandparent? Just having them wanting to hang out with me is my greatest reward. Friday my Grandson spent the night, and I got my first ever call to doodie.
Just Some Things From Chuck’s World
911 tribute, family get together, and just some stuff I have noticed. I am blessed in many ways, great family, Lot's of friends, and grand kids, woop woop. The more gadgets we have to make our lives simpler, the stupider we get. For example....
Can Cat Food Stunt Your Growth?
Tomorrow I will babysit my Granddaughter for the first time, and since she is just over a year old is it to early  for chicken strips and pool at Ty's?

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