911 tribute, family get together, and just some stuff I have noticed. I am blessed in many ways, great family, Lot's of friends, and grand kids, woop woop. The more gadgets we have to make our lives simpler, the stupider we get. For example....

I was standing at our KORD tent at a recent remote, right outside this store in Kennewick. A man pulled into a parking space right across from me. He was driving a convertable, and had the top down. He got out of his car and started walking towards the store, but not before stopping and locking his doors. That should do it.

Have you seen the commercial for a certain beer, that has a blue line at the bottom of the can that tells you when your can is cold, and really cold. I guess I'm old school, you know back in the day when you could pick up a beverage and had the ability to tell if it was cold or not. Just kick me in the head with some steel toed boots and call me slow. Knock, knock Einstein, it ain't rocket science, this by far is the stupidest thing I have seen in a long time. I'm not mocking the beverage itself, just the thought process behind the promotion. If you drink this beverage and can't figure it out on your own, four words for you. Thinning, Of , The, Herd. It's natures way of saying thanks, but no thanks.

Finally to my grandson Conner. We had a little family get together at My in-laws Sunday. Got to hang with some very nice people on my wife's side of the family. My Grandson was running around the front lawn with some of his cousins, until he got a little tired and asked if I could come into the house and get him some orange juice. I poured him some juice and we headed back outside. When we got to the table that sits on the deck, he put his orange down and said,"Pappa Chuck you stay here, and if anyone touches my orange juice you tell them it's mine". From Grandpa, to keeper of the juice. That kid needs spanked