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Greatest Toilet Cleaning Invention I Never Knew About!
How could this escape me for so long?
It's a gel and it stays for a week as it slowly dissolves. Smells good on every flush. Pic doesn't show, but it's a nice very light blue color.
So when I did some research, it turns out these things have been out for 10 years...
Why Fall Lawn Fertilizer is So Important
Have you noticed your lawn recovering from summer stress? As your Tri-Cities lawn begins to go dormant, it's all about the nitrogen, baby...nitrogen. Here's what you need to do to get that beautiful deep green as soon as spring hits. This is my lawn, so you can trust me...
Best Cordless Leaf & Lawn Blower For the Money! ($63)
My Black & Decker blower is great...cordless and enough power for a regular yard. But when the old school Ni-Cad batteries I had all failed after a few years, it was time to get a nice new Lithium charged blower! The one I refer to in the video that I don't care for and is hard to aim d…
Make Your Grass Green CHEAPER! I Like This Stuff, It Works!
I've been using Scotts brand weed & feed for years. But it's gotten so expensive, I thought I would try this WAY cheaper brand at Walmart. I figured if it doesn't do the job, then okay, I'll be back for the Scotts. No need! The beads spread well from my hand spreader and …
How to Get More Tomatoes and Peppers With Just Epsom Salt!
Why is it even called Epsom Salt? It's named for a natural saline spring at Epsom in Surrey, England. And while you may have heard about the health benefits of soaking in a tub of Epsom Salt, it's also said to be great in the garden!
*Dissolve one tsp Epsom Salt in 4 cups water
*Spray on plant and the…
5 Reasons ‘World Naked Gardening Day’ Is a Bad Idea
Apparently this is a real thing! Hey, if you want to grab that pruner and go to town on your shrubbery naked, go right ahead! The 13th-annual event promoting loving the planet and healthy gardening is Saturday, May 6,2017
The event is dedicated to making “non-sexual social nudity&CloseCurlyDoub…
Has Anyone Tried Strawbale Gardening? [VIDEO]
Have you ever heard of using hay bales to grow flowers and vegetables instead of garden beds?
Apparently you just sprinkle a little dirt on top and the plants sink their roots down into the hay bale. It’s easier to manage and requires less water...
Ranch and Home Thieves Need to Get Busted
Wow!, couldn't ask for a better picture!! Dear losers, KPD would like to have a discussion about your life choices.
And you give CAMO a bad name!!!
And you both have bad haircuts!!
And I'm pretty sure your new boots will look good with an orange jump suit...
My Farewell to Faith
I first met Faith Martin 27 years ago, I thought who is this Chick? where did she come from? and she sounds damn good on the air (she was working on my competitors station) and eventually wound up working in the same building.
People always ask me how is it working with Faith, this is what I tell the…

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