Tomorrow I will babysit my Granddaughter for the first time, and since she is just over a year old is it to early  for chicken strips and pool at Ty's?

It seems like yesterday when I was asked to babysit my Grandson Conner for the first time. I was scared to death, not that I would drop him, or he would smack his head on the coffee table, I can handle that. I was worried about a messy diaper. Now that Conner can talk, it's a lot easier to do things with him, but Bailey is still at the grunting, yelling, pointing stage. I think she says cupcake,uh oh, no, and some other words that only one and a half year olds know.  As long as I have the cat book I'm good to go. If you show her a picture of a cat and meow,  she giggles, and that works for me, giggle over cry, bingo. Note to Bailey, you can run around, scream, make a mess eating lunch, play with my cell phone and even pinch the cat. But no messy diapers!