Here's Where to See Those Best Picture Nominees
The Academy Awards nominations are out! I used to make sure that I saw every film nominate for Best Picture every year. Most years, I'd seen them through out the year, but for some reason this year I've only seen one! I was wondering where I could catch all the films this year before the a…
Greatest Toilet Cleaning Invention I Never Knew About!
How could this escape me for so long?
It's a gel and it stays for a week as it slowly dissolves. Smells good on every flush. Pic doesn't show, but it's a nice very light blue color.
So when I did some research, it turns out these things have been out for 10 years...
K-9 Cop Apprehends Teen Suspect in Moses Lake
A teen in Moses Lake was wanted for suspicion of involvement in a December kidnapping and robbery. 17-year-old Jeremiah Michelson of Moses Lake was apprehended and taken in to custody at a home in the 19000 block of S. Frontage Road West...

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