I feel great, spent 5 days with my dad in Kettle Falls doing nothing but fishing and resting, and eating fresh walleye. Thank you to my dad, Mike, Uncle Lyle and Lois and Rick at L and R Auto Hospital in Colville, long story. I'll be heading back to Kettle for man week end very soon, just warning you. Came home to a crystal clear pool next door, great job pool boy. It was so hot on Sunday and we were watching our grand kids so me and Conner went swimming. We practiced floating and not jumping off of the diving board. Everything was going good until Conner spotted some dirt at the bottom of the pool, and said he thought there was some,"Allergies" in the pool. So we got out and went to watch TV. We played flash cards, Conner would flip a card and I was suppose to come up with a word for that letter. I was doing fine until we came to Y. I was stumped for a second, then came up with,'yo yo', 'yellow' and 'yoga'. I told Conner yoga was an exercise, and he informed me that Yoga was a character on Star Wars. Point made, point taken. During the day I'm sure Baily said some funny stuff, but she talks so fast I can't yet understand her. I wish I was still on vacation, but it's good to be home. Remember,we have the cutest grand kids ever.