Like her brother before her, my change jar is now a favorite destination for my Granddaughter. I think Conner was about the same age when he discovered the shiny tokens. I wasn't afraid he would swallow any of the coins, he was always to busy stuffing his pockets. Conner came out of our bed room one time with a handful of coins, and I asked him if I could have the change back. He picked out 4 pennies, a nickle, and two dimes and handed them to me, keeping 1.25 in quarters. Smart kid. At this particular time, Bailey is content just taking handfuls of coins and leaving piles through out the house, but mostly putting them in her shopping cart. One thing about it, for about an hour after she goes home, I get my exercise picking up change off the floor. I know it's just a phase she's going through, pretty soon she'll forget about coins and just want dollars like Conner. Remember, our Grand kids are the greatest ever.