We, as adults, sometimes forget how things were in our day, and get reminded just how times have changed by our Grand kids

My grandson spent the night with us on Friday, and that meant getting up early on Saturday. As he puts it, "it's light outside grandpa, time to get up". So on this day we got dressed and I told him we were going to walk down th the Shadow Mountain Grill and get some pancakes, eggs and coffee. The distance is a littleover 3 blocks, but in a four year olds world that is about a thirty minute walk. Bugs, rocks, birds, gum wrappers and a garage sale all slow the walking process down. We were about a block from our final destination when I spotted someone in a big pink and white bunny suit walking down the street. Pointing, and trying to sound excited, I told him to look down the street, it was the Easter Bunny. Never breaking stride, and in a little voice as calm as can be, he said "how come he's not at the mall". What the heckdo you say to that? We had pancakes and eggs, scratched off a lottery ticket, and according to Conner we won 100,000,000,000 dollars, then went to a garage sale on the way home and bought a van, Fire truck and a race car, good thing we won all that money on the scratch ticket.