Greg Delange

Famous Tri-City Landmark
Years ago I was told about a silent auction @ Oasis waterworks. Our beloved waterpark was being torn down and everything had to go.
Everyone was Bidding on the water slides , furniture, restaurant equipment.  NOT ME!
I saw potential in the rows of blue and red lockers,  A row of was put in front of t…
Help Raise-A-Racquet Raise Money for Local Youth
On Jan. 27, the Raise-A-Racquet Tennis Tournament will raise money for the Boys & Girls Club of Benton and Franklin Counties through a fundraising dinner, silent auction and live auction. Tennis pros from all over the Columbia Basin will be auctioned off. Winners...
Greg Is Gone!
Since I'm going on vacation till January 3rd, Chuck Hall is in charge. listen KORD peeps give him a chance, He can't help that he's kinda special. I'm leaving this festive note for Chuck..Make sure you keep him in line
Merry Christmas

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