It's the thought that counts, but women seem to appreciate it when the thoughts materialize into something they can unwrap. We men don't know what to get them or where to get it. Women like jewelry and big flowers, but sometimes that's not in the budget. Men are handy, right? Let's MAKE Valentines to make our sweeties happy! But what would they like that doesn't include duct tape? 102.7 KORD has come to the rescue! We have provided four instructional videos to show you how to make two kinds of easy cloth flowers that you can use to adorn a hat, headband or purse -- or even create a bouquet or wreath. If Chuck and Greg can do it, so can you!

  • Twisted Cloth Flower - Step 1

    This is the most popular type of flower right now among people who use them to adorn hats, headbands, purses and sweaters. Luckily, it's also the easiest. All you need is a strip of fabric and fabric glue. In this video learn what you need and how to get started.

  • Twisted Cloth Flower - Step 2

    Learn how to finish your flower.

  • Ruffled Cloth Flower - Step 1

    This other type of flower looks like a rose and is a little harder to make. You need a sewing needle and thread -- but not a lot of experience. This will take longer, but it's worth the work.

  • Ruffled Cloth Flower - Step 2

    Learn how to finish the flower and also several ideas for how to use the two types of flowers. Make a wreath or a bouquet; adorn something old or boring to make a hip, fashionable gift.

  • Chuck, Greg & Teacher Kara in the 102.7 KORD Studio

    Watch Chuck and Greg learn to make their own flowers to give as Valentines. Chuck has a special someone. Greg is planning to go to the mall and ask random strangers if they will be his Valentine.