Greg Delange

Chuck’s Letter to Santa
I was gone one day, and when I return I see my morning show partner has put a post on the station website that wanted Santa to give a filter. What am I? Dirty water and air duct? Greg, Greg, Greg, you are a sad little man. In response, here is my little to Santa.
Emails **Ugh**
Email is bringing out the "Old Man deLange" in me.
We now have the ability to send and receive messages with just a click, whereas a letter could take up to two weeks to be delivered. Awesome! Great! Cool!  ( Ummmm not so much ) My pet peeve with Emails seems to escalate as I get older. I …
Greg’s Favorite Things!
Before you know it Christmas will be here! (22 shopping days left)  Here is a visual Christmas list of my 2011 favorite things....No seriously, this is what I want!!.. you better get busy!!
Don’t Forget Your Flu Shot
Every year KGH swings by to stick me with a needle. Thanks To Liz "stand-up comic" for making it easier on me (I hate needles)
Remember everyone 6 mos. and older should consider a flu vaccine
for Visit the KGH website for more information...
Alarm Clocks Are On The Same Level As Paper Cuts.
Yes, it is a fact, Greg and I are back doing mornings on KORD-FM. Faith is now doing the news, and Big Bear will move to afternoons. All of this for me means waking up to an alarm clock once again. Don't get me wrong, it is exciting to be back in the am, but the am is so early.