On Jan. 27, I will be playing in the Raise-A-Racquet Tennis Tournament Am I a tennis player?  Have I been in a tournament before? Do I think I'm ready to take on a tennis pro?...The answer is NO! I am constantly asked to volunteer for fundraisers and have one rule, If it's to help out the kids in our community, then YES! I would love to.

On Jan. 27, the Raise-A-Racquet Tennis Tournament will raise money for the Boys & Girls Club of Benton and Franklin Counties through a fundraising dinner, silent auction and live auction. Tennis pros from all over the Columbia Basin will be auctioned off. Winners may enter the Jan. 28 tournament play on teams with the pros and DJ's

Bill Fletcher,( My teacher that bust's my Butt every week) is heading up the tournament at Columbia Basin Racquet Club.

Raise-A-Racquet should be a lot of fun, but it’s all done for the children. The Boys & Girls Club offers numerous programs for youth in this area. Will I more than likely die of exhaustion or smack someone in the back of the head with my racquet?  ummmm.. Yaaah!  To bad Chuck isn't playing

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