I consistently receive phone calls from people asking me to fix their painting (oops) techniques. Here is a few basic ideas to keep in mind before you pick up your brush.

  • 1

    Trendy paint's are exactly that!

    Try to stay away from colors or techniques that have a short lived "wow factor" If you do, plan on changing the wall within two years.

  • 2

    Techniques take practice!

    Before you tackle a specialty wall that requires several steps or techniques, try practicing on a piece of sheet rock or cardboard. Remember, you want The Perfect wall! not something that looks like your kids art project.

  • 3

    Think about long term

    Trust me, long term is the name of the game! Keep it simple stupid (K.I.S.S.) most people tire quickly of bold and dramatic colors.

  • 4


    Try keep at least a quart of paint on hand for touch ups. Many times people want me to fix a specialty wall that requires the original paint (9 out of 10 times they never keep the old paint can) NOT GOOD... matching paint is not an exact science.