Hi, I'm Greg Delange. I do mornings with a great person who happens to be my mentor.

People don't understand how demanding this job can be, especially when you are in the spotlight five hours every morning. My morning show partner Chuck Hall has taught me to be humble and take this fame and fortune with a grain of salt.

I use to let the chicks buy me drinks or dinner just so they could hang out with me but Chuck showed me how to use my fame for good. He spends a lot of his time working with charities like feed the whales, removing graffiti from freight trains and working long hours with the PWWTBBPMAAAFIPS (People Who Want To Bring Back Paper Mache As An Art Form In Public Schools). He's very passionate about that one.

I have learned many things about Chuck over the years that have made me a better person. Just working with him on a daily basis is payment enough, but getting a paycheck on top it? Bonus! I am currently working on funding to get a bronze statue erected in front of the Federal Building to honor such a great man but it's been tough because a lot of people just haven't heard of him. They will. I'm sure if Chuck hadn't been drawn into broadcasting he would be famous for something like "the guy who has the biggest collection of pie tins." I know beyond a shadow of a doubt if I ever have another child, or a new pet, I am going to name them after my friend Chuck. Listen weekday mornings to the Waking Crew from 5 am to 10 am on 102.7 KORD and hear how much better I've gotten in just a short time working with Chuck.

ATTENTION: Chuck Hall in no way, shape or form had anything to do with this post. It was written entirely by Greg... when he was slightly drunk.