This story will melt your heart. A woman living in Portland "lost" her pit bull and never quit looking for her for two years. She then moved to Pendleton and fours years after losing "Star" she got a call from Portland police.

Crystal Sullenger runs PAWS animal shelter in Pendleton, Oregon. When "Star" went missing she was only 11 months old.

Four years later Multnomah County officials told her the dog had been found in a drug raid. The "owners" had been using her in a puppy mill. "Star" was badly-cared for and needed grooming.

The reason police knew to contact Sullenger was because the dog was properly licensed with ID on the collar. The people who had stolen her had never changed the collar. Had Sullenger not been a good citizen, she would never have seen "Star" again.

Since caring for abandoned and mistreated dogs is Sullenger's profession, she knew just what to do to get "Star" healthy again.

[SOURCE: East Oregonian]