There' still a log of unanswered questions about a shocking Sunday animal attack in Pendleton.

Umatilla County Sheriff's Deputies were dispatched to a home at 42251 Reith Road, a location a couple of miles west of the main part of town.

They were told upon arrival around 8AM that a chimp who had lived with the family in their basement for 17 years had escaped from it's cage  and bitten the owner badly several times. It then 'trapped' the owner's daughter in a room in downstairs.

According to reports, the owner and the 50-year-old woman had suffered several severe bites on her torso, arms, and legs. She was apparently trapped in the basement by the primate. It was, according to the owner, a male chimp.

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The chimp, besides biting the owner, had apparently also attacked the woman. At the request of the owner, a Deputy killed the chimp with a single shot to the head so the woman could be rescued. Both her and the owner were taken to an area hospital for treatment.

The owner told officials the animal had lived with them for 17 years, no word as to why it escaped from it's cage and attacked the two people. The incident continues to be investigated.

They're not exactly small animals, full-grown adult males can range from 3 1/2 to 5 feet tall, and weigh anywhere from 75 to 130lbs.

According to multiple animal sources, they do NOT make good pets, they cannot be fully domesticated, and once they reach 8-9 years old, they become too large to not keep in a cage.


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