Modern Day Hatfield & McCoy Battle in Bend Over 20 Ft. Snow Pile
A hilarious story reported by the Associated Press a pair of long feuding neighbors in rural Bend Oregon kicked it up a notch when they blocked an access road so no one could pass along adjacent property line with a 20 foot pile of snow  The Bend Oregon area received record snow fall when …
Pet Massage Is Now a Thing in Walla Walla
Does your puppy seem stressed? Consider getting her a massage with essential oil aromatherapy.
Associated Veterinary Medical Center in Walla Walla now boasts an employee certified in both.
People massage has long been known to help heal injuries and release harmful toxins...
100 New Apartments Coming to Pendleton
Pendleton City Council believes more businesses will come to Pendleton if there is housing for their workers. Saj Jivanjee plans to build 100 new apartments.
The land is being DONATED by the city and a huge discount is being given for the land development (hooking up to water & sewer, etc.)

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