Confirmed! Murder Hornet Trapped.
It's a done deal.  We've been hearing about murder hornets.  I had pretty much dismissed the stories as "Fake News."  I've altered my way of thinking.
Now, the first Asian giant hornet has indeed, been trapped. More than 13-hundred traps were set u…
Friday is National Mutt Day
Friday is National Mutt Day.  And, I don't have a dog.  My co-worker, Rik, has three of them.  I admire his passion in spending time with them.  His eyes light up when he shares stories of how each of them has their own personality.
Growing up in Minnesota, all my friends had…
Caring for Our Pets in the Heatwave
It's HOT for us.  Imagine how dangerous this can be for pets who may be living out in the elements.  A heat advisory is in effect for the lower Columbia Basin and Oregon through Thursday evening.  Triple digit heat is expected with temperatures rising as high as high as 110 degre…

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