I spent half of the day and ALL of the night Saturday at the Pendleton Whisky Music Fest, there were so many memorable moments and I definitely learned a few things. One of my favorite moments, besides the talent and the amazing music, was the food! There were lots of food vendors and my daughter, Bret and I were on a very serious mission!

That mission... ELEPHANT EAR! We found a food truck that was selling elephant ears, so we marched up there and ordered two! However, the wait for them was way longer than our sniffer and belly would allow us to wait.

That is where we discovered corn dogs, well not corn dogs, I know what a corn dog is and these were definitely not a corn "DOG." They looked like a corn dog, and smelled like a corn dog, but they were not corn dogs! They were deep fried, nasty, dirty little desserts!

We may or may not have had a libation or two when we went to order our elephant ears... which may or may not have helped with the derailing from an elephant ear to dirty little corn dog lookalikes! They had a display of these imposters lined up and ready for the takin', so naturally we ordered one of every kind!

I am not sure how much we actually paid for this experience but I am guessing it was close to a days pay! Was it worth it? You bet your booty it was! We had a cheesecake corn dog, a Snickers corn dog, a Milkyway corn dog and a Twix corn dog (it was just like the Twix candy bar and had two pieces to it.)

If ever I was going to make myself sick on purpose, this was the time! I tried every "dog," unlike my daughter, who actually destroyed them all! They were so good, like a dirty little secret good! It's funny how you can go to such a huge event, reminisce on the way home and the corn dogs had the most effect on your memories. Possibly because while talking about them and reliving the experience actually made everyone in the car sick! Oh the memories we made!

The Pendleton Whisky Music Fest, Cole Swindell, Clay Walker and Toby Keith all put on such a tremendous event and the time spent was with my girls was unforgettable! The corn dog, dessert thingy's were just an added touch we will remember forever! Thank you to all who took part in a fantastic party and such a memorable show! See you in 2022 Pendleton!


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