People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has issued a statement in response to a recent chimp attack.

On Sunday, a deputy with the Umatilla County Sheriff's Department shot and killed a chimp named "Buck" after he attacked the grown daughter of Tamara Brogoitti.

Brogoitti kept Buck as a pet for 17-years. According to the statement:

PETA warned state authorities that Tamara Brogoitti had created a ticking time bomb by engaging in direct contact with a dangerous ape, and now, he is dead and a woman has been mauled because of Brogoitti’s refusal to follow experts’ advice and transfer Buck to an accredited sanctuary. Since long before the chimpanzee Travis ripped a woman’s face off in 2009, it has been clear that attacks are inevitable so long as people continue to treat chimpanzees like Chihuahuas.

Buck attacked Brogoitti's 50-year old daughter Sunday at about 8 am. Brogoitti called 911 reporting that Buck bit her daughter in the arms, legs, and torso. The daughter took refuge in a basement bedroom.

When deputies arrived, along with Pendleton police and fire, to the home at 42251 Reith Road, the chimp was roaming outside the house in a fenced area. In order to get the injured daughter medical attention, it was deemed necessary to have Buck 'put down' and had Brogoitti's permission to shoot the animal.

The chimp was shot once in the head.

Both women were taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Brogoitti had operated the Buck Brogoitti Animal Rescue at her ranch, caring for horses that were rescued in abuse and neglect situations.

It's not known what caused the chimp to attack.

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