2013 will be here in a few weeks.  How do you recover from all the eggnog, Christmas cookies and prime rib?  Exercise!  I do it just about every day. I figure an investment in my health now will allow me to work longer (bad economy) and play with my future grand kids!  I give all the credit to my wife - for encouraging me (dragging me) to go to a personal trainer about six years ago. I wasn't in terrible shape, but suffered from the "my back is out for no reason" syndrome often.

Since 2006,  I've trained on and off with Scotty Murphy at Advanced Fitness Solutions in Kennewick. I need someone to kick my butt when I don't feel like exercising - plus, he's not cheap and that motivates me.

I've also been practicing Bikram Yoga once a week since 2008. Have you ever been? Bikram Yoga has dramatically improved my overall health.  Check out Bikram Yoga Tri-Cities and take the challenge. Try it for 30 days - I guarantee you'll feel and look better. The biggest challenge in the beginning is staying in the room. It's very warm! You'll be surprised at how many of your friends already go.

I also try and jog once a week.  Total time to do all three - training, yoga and jog?  About four hours.

I put it on the schedule and stayed consistent. The result? I sleep better, my back is strong, I have more energy, I eat what I want, I'm low on stress, I'm happier, and my wife pays more attention to me...if you get my drift.

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