My package was waiting for me when I returned from vacation, and I opened it this morning! It came in the mail pretty quick from Omni-gym

I could tell immediately that the quality is AWESOME!

All the components feel really sturdy! Nice quality fabric too!

So for those of you that didn't read my first post about it, I've purchased this Omni Gym Yoga Swing in hopes of helping my back with some 'Inversion Therapy' and also plan to use it for other Yoga stretches and strengthening moves.

I Need to find a place to hang it! I guess I should have bought the 'Rocket Stand'!

I thought I'd be able to bring it to the gym, but they won't let me...( apparently a liability to bring anything of your own in the gym) So....Hmmmm....where should I hang it?

Any ideas anyone? Check out the videos and then when I get it hung, I will post more!


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