The very word 'resolution' brings a sneer from some, fear from others. Or we just plain run out of steam.

But it's really simple to keep them. The main reasons they fail are because we don't follow these easy steps.  For example, if you want to 'lose weight' or get in better shape in 2019, you need to narrow it down:

  •  specify your goal. "I want to lose ten pounds"   or I want to run that 5-K race in June.   Make it specific and attainable.  Don't say, "I want to lose 50 pounds, start smaller.
  • Once your specific goal is set, then identify what steps will need to accomplish it. In order to lose ten pounds, what do you need to do?  Eliminate soda? Eat more salad?  split up your meals from 3 into 5 so you CAN diet without starving? If you want more rest, then set an alarm to remind you to go to bed, say, at 9:30pm each night instead of ten or 11pm.
  • Plan when these tasks will take place, if they require extra time. For losing weight, you would modify your eating.  But when it comes to, say, exercise,  plan out a short, even 15 minute window, to walk about the block, or jog.  Or set aside 30 minutes at the gym every morning.  Start small and simple.
  • Write it down. Put it in your planner. Adjust for it. Prioritize it.  That will help you stick to it.
  • Reward yourself for steps accomplished.  Perhaps a small food treat, or when you lose some weight, buy that new dress (laides) or shirt (guys) or pants.  Put that reward on your bathroom mirror so you see it every day.
  • And most of all, don't become discouraged. If you stray off diet, or skip a day of exercise, just get back on the routine the next day.  Don't punish yourself.

Most experts agree at least writing it down will increase your chances of following through at least TEN FOLD! That's pretty amazing.  And, don't set such a high big goal it will easily fail.  You can accomplish your resolutions, most of us have just been going about it all wrong.

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