Paul Drake (My Boss!) is seriously the most Fit man I know! He's got next to no body fat, has a beautifully defined physique and the strength and endurance of 'He Man!' Maybe he thought he had to be in this good of shape to handle all us rowdy radio people!

Anyway, I often have wondered how he went from 'normal guy' to 'Ultimate Warrior Man Physique' in what seemed to be no time at all!  And, so I conned him into letting me video the exercises that he does on one of his workouts! He trained with Scott Murphy from Advanced Fitness Solutions . You may have watched my previous videos with Scott.

Here's the  first two exercises! Remember, no rest In between if you can manage that! 12-15 Reps (3 Sets each exercise

Again, No rest in between! Exercises 3 & 4- Single Arm Dumbbell Row with ball into Raised Plank w Ball.

Right into the next two exercises! Seated Shoulder Press (Using ball) alternating sets with Step Ups to Box (using weights)

Almost Half Way Through! Next is Seated Bicep Curls with Ball into Box Jumps!

Now Triceps Extensions (Skull Crushers) into Ball Slam

Almost Done! Now do the Dead Lift Squats into the Burpees!


Paul Suggests ending the workout with some good stretching!

It's a pretty intense workout! Don't forget to modify it by doing less reps, sets, or weight for your fitness level!

For questions about equipment, nutrition, workout routines and more, Call Advanced Fitness Solutions in Kennewick. Located Near the intersection of W Clearwater Ave and N Irby St  Phone (509) 783-8533 and Ask for Scott Murphy

Also find them online at:







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