In spite of all the effort they put into this, these scammers are actually pretty dumb forcing their targets to jump through many hoops.

Several people in Franklin County have received large folders in the mail, supposedly from Walmart. The contents say the person recently signed up for a Walmart survey. It instructs them to purchase $1,000 worth of cashiers checks. They get to "keep" $900 of them, and send off the other $100 to cover taxes and fees.

Then supposedly they will be receiving various rewards and incentive packages from Walmart in exchange for the survey. None of the persons in question who received this made any purchases, and all brought them to the Franklin County Sheriff's office.

Authorities stress if you receive ANY kind of offer that requires you to make large purchases, release sensitive information, or involve in any identity risk, don't do it. Investigate who the business or person making the offer is, and report all the information to law enforcement.

If I had received one of these, I would have probably made a doggie clean-up sweep in my yard, put it in a bag, then a box, and sent it off to the scammers.  Just sayin'!

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