Whoever took this survey never had a piece of my foster mom's homemade apple pie. She was legendary in her little part of the world and people would actually drive from far and wide to have a slice of her famous apple pie.

I saw a new survey about the most popular fruit pies in every state and I was aghast that apple pie wasn't the number one fruit pie in Washington.

How is that possible? It's almost un-American to not have the apple pie not be a Washingtonian way of life.

My wife is from Oregon and her favorite fruit pie is Marionberry. Marionberry is native to Oregon so it makes total sense that it's her favorite.

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It makes no sense that this new survey didn't pick apple pie as the number pie of choice in Washington state.

What did get picked was surprising - according to the new survey from Gurney's, a mixed-berry pie is the # 1 choice for Washingtonians.

The survey covers all 50 states and I saw that Idaho and Oregon picked Pear Pie as their #1.

I keep asking myself, who is taking these surveys because I've never been offered a pear pie slice even after having lived and been to Idaho and Oregon.

Strawberry seems to be the hands-down favorite across the country with Huckleberry showing up on only one state survey. Apple pie only made it as the #1 in two states

I did quite a bit of huckleberry hunting as a kid growing up and if you've been huckleberry hunting, it can be fun but you've got to search them out to find the best patches and that can be exhausting. Huckleberry is still the Northwest's best kept secret.

What other pies and states made the survey? Click here to see if your state and pie are listed.

I still don't buy that apple pie isn't the #1 fruit pie for Washington but you can see the list for yourself and make up your own mind.

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