Idaho recently was ranked as the dumbest state in the Union according to a new survey but shockingly, Washington was just a little above average so don't get cocky Washingtonians!

Let's break down these rankings and see why Idaho and Washington didn't get to the top of the list. released a new study that also includes Washington D.C of the "Smartest States in America" and before you start freaking out, there were criteria that the study had to follow to come to that conclusion.

The survey takes into account college degrees, high school graduation, professional or advanced degrees.

You'd think with Hanford in our backyard and with Microsoft on the westside, Washington would rule the survey but even Washington ended up 29th on the list, slightly better than average.

If Idaho is the "dumbest state", then who is the smartest? It looks like New Jersey is #1 followed by Utah at #2. Our other closest neighbor Oregon at least made it into the top 10 at #9.

You can check out the rest of the rankings here and don't fret Idaho, there is this thing called "street smarts" and then there are "book smarts" and there are things that life teaches you that can't be found in a book.


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