Ok, something must be wrong with the people taking these surveys. A new survey ranks all of the cities in the US based on fan involvement and other criteria and Seattle isn't even ranked in the top 10.

Anyone who's a Seattle Seahawks fan is going to disagree with the survey but let's review it and see who the survey says is the #1 football city in America.

The survey was conducted by WalletHub:  The company breaks down what they based their criteria on:

To determine the best places for loving on America’s favorite sport, WalletHub compared more than 240 U.S. cities with at least one college or professional football team based on 21 key metrics. The data set ranges from the number of NFL and college football teams to stadium capacity to fan engagement.

You'd think Seattle would've been in the top 10 list of football cities but at least there is a little bit of good news, we are in the top 15. The company also included college and professional teams so the ranking includes towns with at least one football team in their respective towns.

Here is what the WalletHub discovered and how they ranked the best and the worst football cities:

Best Cities for Football FansWorst Cities for Football Fans
1. Pittsburgh, PA236. Fort Collins, CO
2. Dallas, TX237. Louisville, KY
3. Boston, MA238. New Britain, CT
4. Green Bay, WI239. Columbia, SC
5. New York, NY240. Ithaca, NY
6. Miami, FL241. Davidson, NC
7. New Orleans, LA242. Valparaiso, IN
8. Los Angeles, CA243. Providence, RI
9. Indianapolis, IN244. Stephenville, TX
10. San Francisco, CA245. St. George, UT

I'm still surprised that the Seattle Seahawks only made 14th but I also can't disagree with the other findings.

The big game is coming up this weekend with Tampa Bay and Kansas City and it's interesting to note that neither of those teams made the top 10 on WalletHub's survey.

You can check out out more details and other rankings of your favorite cities here.

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