Can You Keep That New Year's Resolution? Yes--Here's How
The very word 'resolution' brings a sneer from some, fear from others. Or we just plain run out of steam.
But it's really simple to keep them. The main reasons they fail are because we don't follow these easy steps.  For example, if you want to 'lose weight' or get …
Where Did Bear Go?
Too much fun. I went into the closet this morning and I grab one of my hawaiian print shirts thinking HEY! It's friday! Let's roll! OMG! What was I thinking? The last time I bought a hawaiin print shirt was last summer! Well last summer I weighed 365 lbs and I filled the shirt...
Bears Amazing Weight Loss Journey! My Update!
Hard to believe! But I had to go buy some new jeans again today! I absolutely love how I feel and I am here to share this experience this joy with you in hopes that I will reach just one person that has tried to lose weight. I am doing it and you can too!
Dieting-KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid)
Easy Dieting Tips
 As we get older dieting becomes a necessity, yes it’s true the older we get the bigger we get. I went to a nutrition class that helped me out tremendously. Here is a few tips’ that will hopefully help you.
#1 Sugar is Kryptonite to…
Ready For A Change?
Happy beginning of the week! Ask yourself....are you ready for a change? Now that Bear is officially 50 we're going to make an effort to make a few changes around here. Not so many donuts and maybe a few more pieces of fruit.

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