Who was your favorite teacher? The U.N. has designated Oct. 5 as World Teachers' Day and is encouraging communities to recognize the contributions of local teachers. I attended local schools from Kindergarten through the sixth grade and had several wonderful teachers at Jefferson, Lincoln and Amistad Elementaries plus several more at Highlight Middle School (when it was at Fruitland). I ran into my 2nd-grade teacher Mrs. Martini at a West Richland park this summer. We talked about the puppets we made, the cardboard Halloween villages and more. Great times.
My favorite teacher of all time has to be my high school band teacher simply because my father wasn't in my home at the time and he taught me many things about becoming a man that shaped the person I became. Thanks Skippy (that's what we called Mr. Wayman for no particular reason).
What about you? Tell us about the teacher you loved the most, or who taught you the most, or who shaped you most.