Many districts have said they are going to decide in early to mid August, but Hermiston has already announced the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year will begin with the same style of "distance learning" utilized during the lockdowns of April and May that eventually ended school.

Saying they acted upon "guidance" from the Oregon State Office of Public Instrucrtion and the health department, Hermiston will begin online.

Oregon Public Schools and the Health Department released the following statement regard schools reopening:

“Though not included in this version of Ready Schools, Safe Learners Guidance; in the coming weeks, we will release a set of guideposts, protocols, and public health indicators that will help determine the best instructional model for a given zip code or county. Data about the readiness of local healthcare systems and the state of local COVID-19 rates will help inform school decisions about when to move to On-Site or Hybrid models of instruction.”

Basically that means that NOT every single district will begin online, some could have in class depending upon their COVID situation.

Many parents, especially on social media, are venting frustration over this decision. Many point out the child care issues it will create for elementary students in two job families. Others accuse the District of 'caving' to the Health Department, referring to their "guidance" as "marching orders."

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