Naturally, Seattle made the list and I don't know anyone who has been to the Sea-Tac area in the last year or two and came back to the Tri-Cities raving about what a good time they had and how beautiful it is there. But I was kinda surprised that Spokane made the list of Washington cities you should never move to. While we usually breeze through Spokane on our way to visit family in Montana, we love it when we're on I-90 and start seeing pine trees as we leave the desert, and we've never had any bad experiences there. My cousin lived in Spokane for many years but recently moved to Coeur d' Alene so maybe that should tell me something. But I never heard him say he hated it there or anything. Yakima and Union Gap are also on the list and I find charm in each of those cities as well. Many years ago I accepted a radio job in Detroit and my family was horrified. The ugliest city in the nation, right? I liked it there just fine and so did everyone else. Yes, there were parts of town that looked like a war zone. That's what people who don't live there see on the news. But downtown Detroit and the suburbs were very clean and nice. I think even the most beautiful cities like San Francisco have areas they're not proud of, so I take this list with a grain of salt.


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Stacker used data from the 2020 County Health Rankings to rank every state's average life expectancy from lowest to highest. The 2020 County Health Rankings values were calculated using mortality counts from the 2016-2018 National Center for Health Statistics. The U.S. Census 2019 American Community Survey and America's Health Rankings Senior Report 2019 data were also used to provide demographics on the senior population of each state and the state's rank on senior health care, respectively.

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