Crime is hazard of doing business and every owner deals with it. One man in Seattle has had more than his fair share... possibly because he's from the Middle East.Steven Saleh owns Saleh's Delicatessen and Iman's Deli-Market in the Ballard neighborhood. According to the Seattle Times, Ballard has seen six more business burglaries this year than last. In fact, the rate is up all across Seattle. Strange considering real estate prices are rising as the Emerald City becomes the tech capital of the Northwest.

Saleh has been robbed two dozen times and was the victim of a hate crime. He saw both his stories robbed within a week in mid-July. It cost him about $10,000. 

He's avoided putting up bars because it would be a bad customer experience, but that may change.

Saleh came to America from Yemen when he was 20 years old. He moved to Seattle with $600 and after several years working at a 7-Eleven he opened his first store in 1996 and then the second in 2010. He's sending his daughters to college and sends money home to Yemen. He's a good member of the community, say the neighbors.