I've never been a fan of swimming in waters where I can't see the bottom so this discovery seals the deal on my swimming phobia. You'd think a monster was recently caught in the Columbia River Delta near Bateman Island. It's absolutely horrifying!

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Thankfully, the fish caught near Bateman Island was much smaller, but this is the same species.

Two commercial fishermen who were fishing for Carp in the Delta back on April 10th caught this strange-looking fish which experts say is an Alligator Gar. This scary-looking creature is NOT native to our rivers here in the Pacific Northwest.

Alligator Gars are native to the Mississippi Delta and areas of the Sothern United States. The fishermen sent a video to the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife who identified the creature. By the way, the fishermen released the fish back into the river, so you know where I will NOT be swimming.

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