Thankfully, the angels were watching out for one woman and her dog. It was a heroic recovery done with teamwork from several agencies.

Last Friday night, just before 10, crews were sent out on a water recovery mission near Zillah.

I was able to break out the rear window and get my dog out onto the roof with me.
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According to fire officials, drones spotted the woman, Laura Larsen of Yakima, and her dog Bailey on top of her vehicle in the fast-moving current.

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The Yakima County Sheriff's Office and firefighters from Yakima County District #5 requested backup from the City of Yakima Fire Department.

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It was so dark that Yakima firefighters report they saw the flashlight's reflection off the dog's eyes.

Credit: Yakima Fire District 5 Facebook
Credit: Yakima Fire District 5 Facebook

Using a raft, rescue crews made their way to the pair. The raft drifted down the river where first responders were waiting. The woman was treated by EMS and released to her family.

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From the Yakima County Fire District #5 Facebook:

For those asking, we were on a gravel area near the river just across a shallow side channel we've been across frequently. Unfortunately, the water level rose quickly and drastically, and the fog contributed to a huge misjudgment as to depth, in our attempt to return to safety. When the engine died, we were swept downriver so quickly, there wasn't time to do much more than get the windows down before the power failed, grab my phone, and get onto the roof to call for help. I was able to break out the rear window and get my dog out onto the roof with me.

Not my proudest moment or top 10 favorite experiences, but we made it out safely by God's grace and the actions of those incredible folks. Grateful.

The recovery was made due to teamwork from multiple agencies. We're so glad to report that Laura and Bailey were not injured.

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