Walla Walla County Emergency Services and other groups around Southeast WA and Northeast Oregon are closely watching the snowpack.

River flooding 2020 (NWS,NOAA Walla Walla Emergency Services)
River flooding 2020 (NWS,NOAA Walla Walla Emergency Services)

With all the new snow in our region, and the prospect of warmer weather, plus maybe some rain, they're keeping a close eye on the melting and runoff; especially in the wake of last year's flooding.

According to WW County Emergency Services:

"...Currently it looks like a gradual melt, as precipitation amounts and temperature rises are gradual over the weekend. We are not anticipating river flooding at this point."

You may recall the Walla Walla, Yakima, and other rivers who created a lot of damage with runoff from snow and precip last year.

For more information from NOAA and the National Weather Service-Pendleton, click on the button below.

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