A new age is dawning as we get closer and closer to the reality of robots doing more of our physical labor in the future.

A company in Pendleton is doing ground breaking work in robotics and harvest picking. 

Digital Harvest CEO Young Kim has found a way to mesh virtual reality with robotics on picking grapes and other fruits, and it's a pretty simple idea that could pave the way for the future.

The robot is basically a golf cart with a robotic arm according to an article on mycolumbiabasin.com. The idea spurred from the DaVinci Arm which is used in delicate surgeries.

It's currently being field tested in Walla Walla and then will head to Pendleton for further testing this fall.

It's a fascinating program that could change the way we farm and pick our harvests in this region and it'll be featured at the upcoming Future Farm Expo in August

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