Scary stuff over the weekend happened on the cable bridge as Pasco Police were called in to talk down a man who was ready to jump from the Cable Bridge.

The incident happened at about 1:45 PM on Sunday afternoon on February 28th. A concerned DOT worker helped Pasco Police avoid a potential jumper situation on the Cable Bridge that connects Pasco to Kennewick.

Here is the report according to the Pasco Police Department:

At about 1:45 PM Sunday afternoon, Dispatch reported that a sharp-eyed DOT employee was on the Cable Bridge with a male outside the railing who appeared ready to jump. The DOT employee had parked his company truck behind the man’s parked car. It was in the southbound lanes, so Pasco officers were able to arrive quickly. KPD and WSP joined them later.

Officers Tony Haworth, Eric Fox, and Dave Herrera are all experienced veteran officers and trainers with Pasco PD. They were able to calm the man and help convince him to cross back over the railing and speak to a counselor. He was driven away by them to get medically checked out and to speak with a Crisis Response Mental Health Professional (MHP). Due to the weekend, no MHP from Mobile Outreach was riding along with police at the time, but they would have been available for call-out if required.

Officers bought him some time. Hopefully, Crisis Response helps him toward a solution.

Luckily the DOT worker spotted that man sitting over the railing and intervened in the situation. Pasco Police said it was a good day and I concur. The man is safe thanks to the quick thinking of the DOT worker and Pasco Police.

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