The 2013 conviction of a man who attacked a hunter in the Oregon mountains has been overturned by an appeals court, on the grounds that the man had a 'break' from reality.

In October 2013, Linus Norgren was arrested by Washington County, OR deputies in connection with the attack. Norgren hit a hunter with a rock in the mountain woods West of Portland.

He was naked, and claimed to be part of a Sasquatch family. It was that statement made to deputies that the appeals court said should have never been allowed in the trial. Norgren said he was part of the mythical creature's family.

He was convicted and was serving a 10-year sentence after hitting the hunter and trying to choke him. However, the man recovered, and held Norgren at gunpoint until Sheriff's deputies arrived, according to

The appeals court said his Sasquatch statements showed he was clearly mentally unstable, as was his waiving his Miranda rights. They said that was done without him knowing the full meaning of what he was saying. No word if he will be referred to a mental health facility.

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