Umatilla County Sheriff's Department officials have suspended the search for a 37-year-old man, who was reported missing by his family back on August 20. The man is  Daniel S. Lincoln of Hermiston.

We recalled seeing the initial Facebook post by family members, it was forwarded to us. It indicated he was last seen at his home August 19, and the initial post said he had not been seen for some 20 hours. The family checked, no credit or debit card activity for that time. Apparently a Jeep SUV he drove was missing, and presumed he had taken it.

After this initial family Facebook plea, he was reported missing.

His cellphone did not respond to repeated calls, it appeared to be off. Then the Umatilla County Sheriff's Department got a ping on his phone saying the data "showed a location southwest of Ukiah, Oregon near Soap Hill Rd and Bridge Creek Rd," according to the UCSO.

Umatilla Deputies along with other Sheriff's Departments, US Forest Service workers, and others area search and rescue people scoured a multi mile area looking for Lincoln. In all at least 86 hours were logged by the workers, and over 1,354 miles driven in the search, plus several Civil Air Patrol flights using fixed wing aircraft in the area.

The UCSO also reported on 8-25:

"In addition, today, a volunteer from Heppner, Linda Nave, flew her personally owned aircraft over the same search areas and located nothing. There was a report of a possible sighting of Daniel passing through the North Fork John Day Campground in Grant County on Thursday, August 20th. No other reports of possible sightings have been received since then."

If ANYONE does see him, immediately call 541-966-3651. Thank you.

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