Just How Hot Did Our Heatwave Get?
As the clouds roll in we're sending off one of the first big heatwaves of the year. Tuesday and Wednesday even saw record high temperatures, but if you think the past two days were hot, you're in for a rough summer. These temperatures are as recorded at the Tri-Cities Airport...
The Groundhog Saw His Shadow, but Will He be Right?
We all know what Groundhog Day is. Every February 2nd we bring our friend Punxsutawney Phil out of his home in hopes that we will have some warm weather on the horizon, but he is not the only one we ask. There are Groundhog Day celebrations all around the country, so what do the other guys say?
'What I Can;t Wait to Do Now That it's Spring'
Plenty of you answered the survey about "what I can't wait to do now that it's spring!" I thought I'd show you some of the answers!
Hope you all got a chance to do some of those things this past wk end. I was able to ride. But, nope....
Now That It's Spring, I Can't Wait to... [SURVEY]
We're waited a long time to be sure winter was 100 percent gone. It's still chilly some days, and it's raining today, but it's definitely spring... and I can't wait! I think for me, the first thing I want to do on a nice warm spring day is ride my horse in a summer dress bar…
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Now that Spring has ((SPRUNG)) I am ready for sunshine and good times!
What is your favorite Tri-cities event?
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