Have you ever made an agreement with your signifigant other to watch a series on Neflix with each other and NEVER EVER watch an episode without the other and have been cheated on!?

Well, this has recently happened to me! I was devistated! I came to work heart broken and crying to my Co-host "Woody" when he told me where I had gone wrong! I forgot to have my boyfriend sign the Netflix Cheating Contract! Who knew!?

Netflix has drafted a contract with the goal to keep couples from cheating on each other, and by cheating I mean watching the next episode without your loved one present.

This may be the most brilliant contract ever written! Netflix has posted on Facebook that this contract is to prevent a couple from falling sleeping while watching a show together, using their phone, requesting for a rewind for missing something while distracted, continuing watching the show in the absence of your partner, talking or sharing spoilers.

Go check it out and get your partner to sign the contract before you start watching! This contract might just save your marriage!


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