Over the years I have had pets, mostly dogs, and naming them is a personal reflection of ourselves. For instance, I view myself as a simple person, no flash, just a down home type of a person, so my pest names were simple. I had an albino hamster named Edgar, after Edger Winter the albino rock star. I've had dogs named Bob, Hank and Nicki, a bird named Sh*#head, and younger I had a bull snake named Houdini. We named him that because he kept escaping from his cage. My sister had a cat named, Joe Fish once, he was a little slow. My friend had a dog that was so ugly, he named him ugly dog. Growing up we had a dog named Shammie, and a cat named Sheubert, and we had a hamster named George because we got him on George Washington's birthday. So now it's your turn, give me your pets names.

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