It use to be called having an opinion. What you said may not have been the truth; it was your opinion.

A sportscaster in San Diego was suspended because he had a certain opinion about NASCAR driver Danica Patrick.

I don't agree with his opinion of her thus far in her career, but I respect he has the guts to say what he feels.

Somewhere along the line our government made all of us so politically correct that we are afraid to even have an opinion, much less voice it.

Is Danica being treated differently because she's female?

After her wreck, she cussed like a drunk sailor over her radio. I thought that was a no no.

Look, I have nothing against Danica being in NASCAR, my point being that it now just amplifies how restrained we are when we are just trying to be ourselves.

If Richard Simmons, Oprah, or the Queen of England wants to strap themselves into a race car, so be it; just be prepared for what used to be an opinion, which is now criticism.

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