With our late spring weather...My New Years Resolution to lose 10 lbs has not seen the success I had hoped. 

I had planned to start jogging along with my mediocre gym workout routine...but, have lacked motivation to really get going. 

My friend Lori Lott is a Zumba Instructor at Tri-City Court Club and has invited me a number of times to take classes.  So I'm doing a little investigating.

The dance styles in Zumba consist of salsa, merengue, cha-cha and reggaeton (a Latin hip-hop). Some might cringe at the thought of complex dance moves, but part of what makes Zumba appealing is its simplicity, according to the experts.

So, I went online to Zumba.com and ordered a DVD Set. I figure a bit of instruction will help me learn at least some of some basic moves.   And I plan to go to a class this week!

My hope is that it will be so much fun and such good excercise that it will be a great way to lose weight and get in shape! 

I'll let ya know what I think as I embark on this endeavor!  And if you have any advice or comments about Zumba you think I should know...please share!

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