I read an article by Kaitlin Madden titled, Your guide to job searching after 50, and I must say, when I get Fired I have my work cut out for me. Some tips from the book,"Fired At 50", suggest keeping in shape is essential to making a good first impression at an interview, strike 0ne! It's also important to emphasize a flexible management style, strike two!. Finally, come up with examples of how you've mastered new technologies, strike three, yourrr out! If I get fired after 50, i'm going back to basics, they say go with what you know. I could see myself buffing and waxing floors at an office building, in fact that kind of work is relaxing for me. I would make a great shuttle driver for a car dealership, i'm friendly, quick with a joke, polite, and I have a spotless driving record.Knock on wood. I could work at Ranch and Home, loading up feed and wood pellets, or be Kevin's right hand man in the boot department. Maybe Jessie would hire me, and I could mow lawns and weed wack all summer, or my Buddy Chris at TCCC could hire me to be the back-up golf pro, FORE!  Age discrimination is illegal, but it still happens, so if you're looking for work, don't give up, and check out the article above, it may give you some good tips.

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