We were out at Ranch and Home most of the day on Saturday for the Christmas For Children Toy Drive and what a tremendous success! We literally watched our community fill a Ben Franklin Transit Bus! Naturally, With Covid it looked a little different than it has in past, but the donations were anything but disappointing! The amount of support we saw was heart warming.

The thing that stuck out the most this year however, was the amount of children who gave to the cause. So many young faces bringing toys to be donated. The one little girl who really stood out the most was Penny, Penny spent her very own Birthday money on a baby doll to be donated to some little girl who is less fortunate this year.

One of the youngest little boys really struggled letting go of his toy, his eyes started to well up with tears and he hesitated when handing it over but he did it. You could tell his parents really worked hard explaining what he was about to do, so when it came down to it, he donated his toy to another little boy. So darn cute!

Not only did we see our amazing community step up and make sure all the kids in our area have a good Christmas, we saw parents really teaching their children the spirit of "giving,"

Makes us proud to live in such an amazing area, way to go Tri!

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