If you're looking for a live, fresh-cut Christmas tree this year, here are the suggestions from our listeners for where to go:

  • Yolks Market
  • Farmer's Exchange
  • Walmart
  • Rite Aid in Kennewick
  • 4827 W. Clearwater Ave.
  • Lowes
  • Heritage Nursery and Garden Center
  • On Clearwater between Kellogg and the Albertsons (at a motel)
  • Sandifur Parkway in Pasco
  • Beaver Bark
  • Corner of Stevens and Lee in Richland
  • The Uptown in Richland
  • St. Josephs in Kennewick
  • Fred Meyer
  • Columbia Drive near USA Auto Sales
  • Court Street in Pasco at old K Mart
  • Home Depot

Did we miss anywhere? Tell us here:

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