Driving past this home in Benton City you will definitely have to stop and do a double take! Betty Hill has been hanging her Christmas Tree from her ceiling for years now. She tells me it was initially not an easy process but the joy that she gets out of her upside down tree is worth it. She does it for the uniqueness and fun, but if you have furry friends that like to climb or eat decorations this is the perfect solution.

Start by purchasing a pre-lit tree (7 to 8 foot, depending on your ceiling height), because the limbs want to lay the opposite direction hard wire each limb to be able to sculpt them properly. Where the tree attaches (usually a three part tree) drill a hole through each section and add cauterpins to keep the tree from coming apart. The base of the tree needs cut shorter (a perfect tree will have the limbs touching the ceiling and cutting the base will help). After cutting the base add a sturdy hook to the bottom, then from the ceiling you will need to secure another hook to a solid beam. Ideally, you will have an outlet in the ceiling and won't have to run extension cords.

Betty stores her tree the same way, she has a hook in the attic and just hangs it in storage after the season.

Here is a photo from a past year of the tree fully decorated.

Janis Clardy
Betty Hill


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