The Food Network's sensational hit show, Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives has been dazzling TV audiences since 2006. Host Guy Fieri is an entertaining personality in his own right, in addition to being a superb chef, restauranteur, celebrity, and family man.

Fieri has done a great deal for firefighters over the past few horrendous wildfire seasons, going out to the frontlines and doing what he does best - cooking amazing food for those who are working so hard and sacrificing so much for others.

Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and Guy Fieri in Washington State

Watching on television and learning about some often well-kept local secrets from all around the country is part of the charm of the show. But, when Flavortown comes to you, as in right in our own backyard, it's an amazing event - not just for the viewers and local communities, but the restaurants themselves. Many have seen their business go 'off the chain' as Guy is wont to say.

13 Washington Restaurants Featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives

In this list, only two of the representative restaurants from Western Washington are included, and we're featuring mostly Eastern Washington locations.

When in The Tri-Cities, Guy Fieri Gets The Local Crowd in The Act! [WATCH]

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To find the best beer in each state and Washington D.C., Stacker analyzed January 2020 data from BeerAdvocate, a website that gathers user scores for beer in real-time. BeerAdvocate makes its determinations by compiling consumer ratings for all 50 states and Washington D.C. and applying a weighted rank to each. The weighted rank pulls the beer toward the list's average based on the number of ratings it has and aims to allow lesser-known beers to increase in rank. Only beers with at least 10 rankings to be considered; we took it a step further to only include beers with at least 100 user rankings in our gallery. Keep reading to find out what the best beer is in each of the 50 states and Washington D.C.

50 Most Popular Chain Restaurants in America

YouGov investigated the most popular dining brands in the country, and Stacker compiled the list to give readers context on the findings. Read on to look through America's vast and divergent variety of restaurants—maybe you'll even find a favorite or two.

Take a Pic of Yourself in Yakima at One of these 74 Mural Selfie Walls

Big cities have famous spots where we like to take sightseeing selfies, like the Gum Wall in Seattle's Pike Place Market, or the What Lifts You Wings mural in Nashville, and even artist Candice Taylor's brand new Crown Act Wall in Southeast Washington, D.C. You've no doubt taken quite a few selfies in front of popular landmarks and selfie wallls.

Did you know that the city of Yakima, Washington, has over seventy-four (74) murals that would make for a fantastic place to get your sightseeing selfie? The locations included in this gallery include one-of-a-kind murals found at:

  • Hamilton Park Mural Wall on Mead Ave (the cross street is S 24th Ave)
  • Churchill's Booklovers Haunt: 125 S 2nd St
  • Various Homes across from the MLK Jr. Park Splash Pad: S 8th St
  • United States Post Office: 112 S 3rd St
  • Cost Less Carpet of Yakima (on the back side of the store): 210 N 5th Ave
  • Dollar Stretcher (in the alley behind the store): 501 W Lincoln Ave
Keep your eyes out for one of our unique photo-op murals to add to your collection in your social media pics, and stop and take a memorable selfie of yourself in the heart of Yakima!

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